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tv   [untitled]    April 23, 2012 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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cuts. teachers are being laid off. student tuition fees are increasing. i just feel like it is harder for students to get the classes they need in college. i feel like we should work out these issues because it is happening right now and we should find solutions to these problems one step at a time. fix it somehow. thank you. [applause] >> can you so much. there has been a request to know what high school you went to? or go to?
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>> i go to gallileo. >> i go to isa. >> thank you. lastly, i want to call up ann jung to share with us. >> thank you for the opportunity to allow me to speak here today. the great recession was a game changer for many. many people became homeless for the first time. i am one of many that lost their job and home. i would like to ask respectfully if you would please do something to make the shelter reservation system easier. [applause] things are getting better now implement-wise. i have lost two jobs each time
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when my shelter reservation ran out. one can only get a reservation for four months. to get a new one, one has to spend an incredible amount of hours to get a new reservation. in the meantime, you lose your job because of the prejudice and stigma attached to the homeless. the assumption still is that one is homeless, in a shelter, because you are lazy, stupid, or crazy. to just be a normal person trying to get your life back from the great recession has not quite manifested itself. so if you could possibly make it easier to just get a new reservation. i am one of many people. if i could get a new reservation, i would do the rest. i hope something can be done.
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i am speaking on behalf of many people. also, just to get a 90-day reservation, you spend half the night standing outside the resource center and the most dangerous neighborhoods in the city. i am and able-bodied person. i do not know how the elderly and handicapped people could withstand those riggers'. so, again, if you could please facilitate that system on behalf of many. thank you .. [applause] >> let's have one last round of applause for those folks that shared with us. [applause] >> just to reiterate, that everyone will not have the chance to speak today, but everyone who put their name on a card, put them in the bowl at
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the front desk, we are drawing them randomly and will be calling people up to speak. there are members, there are grants and percentages, but those are also helping people that those numbers of fact and relate to and impact. today is really a listening session. it is our time to share how would will impact us, what the reality is. i would like to ask the people called up -- it is not so much a question and answer time. there are a lot of people that have joined us and we do not have time for all of them to respond, but now is about changing -- telling your story. how have budget cuts impacted you? what do you see in your community? what do you need, what do you want? the fact that everyone is here shows that we care and we want it to be the best it can be. i am going to start by calling the first four people. please get ready to the side.
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everyone's issue is important. we have a short amount of time for community input. the faster, the more direct to the point we are, the more voices we can hear. so please, tyler, crystal, java, doug geary, and myling wang. we will get started. i also have darnell boyd, ron parks, peter gollta, and tammy chen. everyone has about two minutes.
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once she starts waving at you, please wrap it up. >> good evening, mr. mayor, everyone else. i am a member of dish. my concerns are with the proposed dph cuts to a number of services but to be homeless and formerly homeless, including 109 units of supportive housing. there is a proposal to relocate tenants to new housing coming on line, so it would be a net loss of 109 units. i am also concerned about the proposed cuts to drop-in centers, cuts to youth programs, and others. if there is a way to make sure there is enough financing to restore some of the proposed cuts in the health department's budget, that would be great. ultimately, it would save money in terms of -- dph is facing
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serious issues, but the cost of the system elsewhere -- it would be much greater his people can access the vital services that people need. thank you. [applause] >> good evening, everyone. i am, -- for the elderly. thank you, mr. mayor for your local hiring policy so as to provide more opportunities for san francisco job seekers. thank you to be office of economic and workforce development for funding in the house in the academy. there is still something missing, however. we know the government-funded work force development for dislocated workers, low income, and youth. actually, a lot of it goes to the use. but where and what goes to the
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senior workforce? we on the seniors are the most reliable of force in the community. unfortunately, seniors are neglected in the allocation of workforce development funding. i want to urge the city officials to emphasize funding for senior workforce development, so that seniors can retain the dignity and maintain their health, physically and mentally, so that seniors can become self-reliant, so that seniors will not become a burden of the city's social services, as well as family members. thank you for listening to me. most importantly, thank you for your consideration. [applause] >> hello, i am mcchrystal -- crystal java, and i work for
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seiu 1021. i am also the daughter of a homeless man. when nonprofits are cut, it impacts not just the folks that work there, but also the people they care for. for the last five years, san francisco city funded nonprofits have not gotten an increase from the city. during that same time, health care costs have gone up an average of 10% to 20% for these organizations, workers' comp costs have gone up, workers are under more pressure. flat funding is a cut. along with the budget justice, we are asking for an increase this year for nonprofits. we would like your support in getting that. thank you. [applause] >> my name is darnell boyd and i
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am a tenant organizer. i am also a tenant representative at the mission hotel. when i got here two years ago, i used to run from the emergency shelter to the hospitality house, in the rain. the hospitality house helped me a lot. i used to have to run past people huddled over in doorways, in the rain, sleeping in wheelchairs'. i used to think, how can a city -- a rich city -- let people sleep like that? now that i'm on my feet, i still look over in the mission district, people huddled in doorways, sleeping under tarps, and these are human beings, u.s. citizens, and they need help. we should do more, we should add more money to the hospitality house, not cut it. and open up two or three more.
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people need help out there. i just want to plead for the homeless and people that need mental health. thank you. [applause] >> good evening. my name is peter gulotta, i am a resident of district 6. i am also a city hall fellow, working for the city of san francisco for the next year. i'm also a board member of the harvey milk lgbt democratic club. i am also here tonight because one of the issues affecting my community and many communities in san francisco is a loss of federal funding for hiv and aids services. under the ryan white act. so i am here to request that the city meet the needs of the those
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affected by the loss of this funding. i am hoping the city will back fill that funding. we know the facts. the rates of the hiv aids transmission is increasing, and has increased since the 1980's. we know folks rely on this funding to live and survive and thrive. this directly affects so many people in my life and my community. so i am here on behalf of everyone to say that i hope the city will take action on this and meet the loss of that funding. thank you. [applause] >> my question --
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is there adequate funding for senior immigration services this year? [speaking chinese] thank you. [applause] >> good evening, everyone. my name is tammy chen. i am with self-help for the elderly. i am here to urge the mayor and supervisors to invest in workforce programs which provide job training and placement to underserved populations.
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would you all please stand, those of you hear from job- seekers? [applause] thank you, everyone. >> to hear from more people than we thought. the next people, i call ron parker, crystal, rico, george, candice davis, and -- if you can get ready to speak. >> hello. i am ron parker with the homeless outreach team, here to advicate for the services of the disenfranchised of san francisco. cutting the money to e.c.s.,
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decimating my program, it makes no sense in times of bad money to make it worse. you have more people on the street, more people sicker on the street, ocean -- a woman's place dropping center is one place a non-traditional family can go to, to go to the bathroom and take a shower. hospitality house does great work. we also do an incredible job. the loss of $600,000 would take the outreach team off the street. and it would cost outreach managers. think -- speak for those who can't speak for themselves.
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thank you very much. [applause] >> my name is candice. i am here to talk about the community jobs program. this is a community-based program, an on-the-job-training for the nonpublic sector. it is for parents and participants of the county adult assistance programs who face the greatest barriers. i am a former participant and a member of the living wage coalition. i have been able to work -- and provide -- the ability to be self-sufficient. we have a lack of variety for
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the job segments to meet the career goals. the six-month time limit, which is not enough to get verifiable experience, they are feeling like they are at a dead-end, and we are currently working with christina olague to improve the community jobs programs, to pay the participants and revamp the program. to sign the legislation when it comes to the desk, the budget will improve more participants. [applause] >> hello. i am george -- who has lived 15
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years in north beach, and 2.5 years in the tenderloin. i work on police issues and election campaigns. i have noticed that at union square, there is a police presence -- they protected the -- when the giants had the playoff game, a deal was made about getting a police presence, and i read that the twitter people, part of the contract included 12-18 hour foot patrolsin the block area. those people are protected. what about san francisco citizens in the tnederloin.
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friends of mine from out of town have been attacked. there is intimidation, violence, threats. people are afraid to go out at night. i am a person who was out in the morning and i am a night person. i do not see any or most any police presence in the worst areas of the tenderloin. i hear from the police station ad jones and eddy. people get in their cars and go somewhere else other than the tenderloin. one thing; two or three business owners ahvehave been attacked.
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teresa sparks told me the police substation was supposed to open a few years ago, and is still not open. my question is, we know the situation. uit will be claimed to be a budget issue. we need san francisco citizens -- they need the same protections of other neighborhoods. and that is it. [applause] >> good evening. i am rico and i am a case manager for the -- organization. i will speak regarding our youth on the street in the school day.
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i feel the law enforcement is not doing enough to get the youth back to school, or stay home during the school day. when kids are on the street, it creates problems. not just among the youth but others are victimized. you are just hanging out doing nothing. i want to ask law enforcement to do something about it. keep them off the street during the school day. thank you. >> good evening. i am crystal, the program coordinator for lavos latina. behind me is the leadership
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group, a group of mothers who serve as leaders for the community. we have been around since 205 an05 and serve a unique need, te latino population and children as well. this is the highest concentration of children and the families are very intentional to make certain their children develop. the families have been important in the placement of new crosswalks and removing a bus shelter that was part of the new community. there is a priority for levels families.
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this project will stand 11 blocks in the tenderloin. and there will be children walking in and around the neighborhood. they have shown the levels. one of the moms had something they wanted to say. >> buenos noches. [speaking spanish] >> i have been a parent leader for four years, and we want to ask you to support us and all the families here are mothers, and youth are at the forefront of our work. and we hope to get funds from
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the city for that. this is something that is missing for the neighborhood. >> [speaking spanish] >> she just added that we are involved in our kid's lives and we want to see programs established for them, and that is the number-one priority. thank you. [applause] >> next, i would call -- mark connors, and solomon brown.
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>> hi. so i work for tenderloin housing clinic, and am not a resident of san francisco. i was born and raised here but can't afford to live here wit hthh the budget cuts. i went from paying no medical to $250 for medical. i live in oakland. i don't like oakland. sorry. i don't. it is just a lot of crime. i have been going through a lot. i have to take her out of school. parents with guns, all kinds of stuff. she can't go to school here. i live out here. i pay for them to go to school here. a mix-up, in between.
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us getting raises would help, and i could come back to my native. thank you. [applause] >> i am mark conners from treasure island, secretary for the good neighbors -- and i wanted to say what the young man said earlier. we have a lot of youth, and fund the care center for the independent youth. sometimes the youth get in trouble and we need reseources for the island. from time to time, we have crime waves.
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they need more local services and support on the island. we don't have a grocery store and have to come over to san francisco to have this delivered. the bus shelter and the pot holes need replacing and repair. we need to focus on the back part of the island where the residents live. where the events occupr andrur d people come to visit. we need attention for the residents in the back as well. [applause] >> good evening.i a i am pat, spekaing for the boys and girls clubs of san francisco. through the three clubhouses, we serve 7525 youth.
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the three clubs and 9350 other youth with school and community organizations. this is not just a large number of kids that we serve, we have good character and community engagement. i want to give the time up for the youth and parents to say how they feel about what is going on in the community. and thank you again, supervisors kim and olague. for your support. we look forward to serving more children with the club on fulton. >> hi, my name. >> lord of mercy.
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i am lavina -- the treasure island clubhouse. we are one of nine clubhouses. we are the only youth program from 6-18 year olds. thank you, mayor and everyone. i have a few members that would like to share a bit about them. >> she's been dying to do this. >> thank you. good evening, everybody. my name is vonya and i am a member of the boys and girls club on treasure island. i am 10 years old. my brother and i have been in the club for five years and this is my home away from home. iom


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